Reach your health goals. The right way.

Address the ROOT CAUSE of your health condition so life gets good again.

3 Steps to Feel better and Live Healthier

Step 1

Root Cause Testing

   Determine the true underlying factors that created your health condition in the first place. This detailed information allows for a more appropriate resolution. Many have overlooked this vital step.

Step 2

Personalized Protocols

   Once you know the why, then we layout the how… to get better. We recognize that cookie cutter doesn’t cut it. Instead, we  customize a holistic program for your unique situation to create optimal results.

Step 3

Prevention Strategies.

   Nobody wants temporary results.  Once you reach your health goals, maintaining vitality requires accurate  education. Becoming your bodies own expert is a great way to confidently guide your future health.

Need advice?

Are you stuck with your health condition? Are you unsure of which way to turn? Do you just need some direction? I’d love to help.

What does our Functional Medicine approach look like?

If you are new to Functional Medicine then it can be confusing determining whether or not it’s right for you.  Click read more and I’ll fill you in .


“ I am truly blessed to have served so many remarkable people. People that have fought for their health and did not give up. You are family to us. Thank you for  every testimonial with your kind and generous words”  

Dr. Bob Milham

My story

At the age of 14 I read some incredible books about healing the natural way.  I was hooked.  Not only because it was so completely different than the, seemingly illogical, mainstream conversation, but also because I was desperate.  As an athlete struggling for energy, I had to either figure it out or sit the bench.  Little did I know it set me on a 35 year journey and I think I figured it out…

Let me help reach your goals the right way.