Personalized Protocols

Once you know the why, then we layout the how… to get better. We recognize that cookie cutter doesn’t cut it. Instead, we  customize a holistic program for your unique situation to create optimal results.

The Five Pillars For Achieving Ideal Health:

1. Detoxification

Our environment that is full of toxins has inhibited our health in numerous ways.  Naturally removing toxins out of your body helps to establish healthy functioning again.  This is best done, not through radical means but instead, through safe and gentle approaches that help support the bodies normal detoxification in the liver, digestive system, kidneys and lymphatics. This is most effective when customized to the individuals specific detoxification needs.

2. Nutrition

Once we clean out what is slowing down your bodies performance and healing, the next step is to replenish any depleted nutrients in the form of healthy food, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbs. Re-establishing your unique nutritional requirements is the key to high performance health.

3. Fitness

If you have been shying away from exercise there is usually a reason... lack of energy. That’s why fitness is number 3 on the list. Not number 1. After cleaning out the bodies system and supporting with appropriate nutrition you tend to have more energy and desire to exercise and better results.  That’s when you can introduce simple exercise techniques that catapult your bodies metabolism into high gear. No more feeble attempts at trickling away calories on the treadmill. Instead, reset your bodies metabolism through conveniently targeted exercise that allows you to normally burn fat while you sleep. 

4. Hormones

We live in age where hormone imbalance has become the norm. That’s why so many have to take exogenous hormone supplements or medication. Every time you take an outside hormone it cause the body to compensate elsewhere. Addressing the root cause of why the hormone is imbalanced in the first place allows for more everlasting results.

5. Nervous system

It is well understood that the nervous system controls and coordinates the function of every cell, tissue and organ of the body.  That is why inflammation in the brain as well as neurotransmitter imbalance is so important address. Depression, anxiety and brain fog are at an all time high. Pinpointing and correcting brain disruption not only helps with brain function but also whole body function. Addressing this often overlooked phenomenon allows for a more permanent resolution.

Next Step:  Prevention Strategies