About Dr. Bob

Growing up with much family health crisis…      Dr. Bob developed a passion for holistic healthcare.  

   At an early age Dr. Bob noticed that at times his friends had much more energy and zest and couldn’t help but wonder why he was struggling. He continued to combat many pains, skin problems, digestive issues and mental focus challenges that would persist. It made it tremendously difficult as a multi-sport athlete.  

   He also watched many close family members have serious problems with their health that included cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, thyroid problems and digestive diseases.  When his parents desperately began taking the family to holistic providers the results were profound. 

   Then at 14 years old he read a book that ignited his passion in holistic medicine. It discussed how the body can truly heal itself as long there was no interference. This is a principle he still cherishes and he has witnessed thousands of patients miracles.

   When Dr. Bob graduated he soon discovered that, while all healthcare doctorate programs provide an excellent foundation, there was something missing.  Whether it was a doctorate in medicine, chiropractic or naturopathy, they all provided a great start in the biological health sciences for the diagnosing and treating of conditions. But where there was strength in treatment based protocols, there was a weakness in assessing and addressing the true underlying root causes of diseases.  

   Early in practice Dr. Bob’s health challenges would resurface. After training for an Iron Man 12-16 hours a week his body gave out.  With multiple diagnoses of chronic fatigue, viral infection, thyroid disease and colitis he found himself bedridden. Since no viable solutions were provided he decided to research for answers  himself.

   Dr. Bob reviewed thousands of research articles delicately, dissecting the science. After sorting through often contradictory information he began to test and apply what he learned to himself.  What he discovered was that not only can the body heal itself but that he could feel better than he ever felt in his life.

   What Dr. Bob soon recognized was that most people simply suffer because of lack of knowledge of how to restore their health.  He says “The lack of knowledge is not because the information is not out there. Its simply because its not put together and taught collectively by any mainstream profession.”  His mission is to educate and help as many chronic sufferers as possible while holding to the true meaning of doctor…teacher.

My mission is to educate and help as many chronic sufferers as possible while holding true to the meaning of doctor…teacher.  

Feedback & Reviews

” My thyroid was a big issue and lab results this week show thyroid completely normal…2 months A1c from 11.3 to 7.6. My life is much better, healthier and happier today…let Dr. Milham help he is truly dedicated to this cause.  “

Ellen Aycock

” I am not sure where I would be if Dr. Milham had not intervened in my life.  Dr. Milham was always very positive in his demeanor and gave much needed advice and direction”

Emmett Tolbert

” More pep in my step! I seem more focused at work and have more energy when I get home. I no longer come home and crash on the couch.  My A1c dropped from 11.7-7.4.  “

John Moore

What can I do for you?

I’m a public speaker that has a passion for health and human potential.

Dr. Bob Milham speaks to local companies, institutions, churches, TV, radio and the community on a wide variety of health topics. He has given hundreds of talks over more than 15 years and would love to speak to your company, group, church or organization. 

I’ve worked with thousands of people who got back control over their health.

From Diabetes to Thyroid. Autoimmune to Autism. Metabolic re-balancing to digestive healing.  What all sufferers have in common are frustration at finding answers. What all conditions have in common is they have a root cause.  When you find it and address it you get better. 

I can help you reach your health potential.

Having someone on your side to help you find and address the root causes of your health condition and help empower you to develop a confidently implemented  strategy that creates long term health independence is what most folks today are craving.  That is what we deliver.  

Need advice?

If your struggling with your health condition then its time to reach out and get some help.