If you are battling from a chronic health condition, realize there just may be hope…

   Today there are many common chronic conditions such as thyroid problems, autoimmiune disorders, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, blood sugar problems, chronic pain, anxiety or depression or cardiovascular challenges.  If you are feeling like you are at the end of your rope or simply don’t want to get there, then understand that there are effective options that you may not be aware of. But these options do require that you think outside the mainstream box a little. 

   Many sufferers of chronic conditions have been able to resolve their health challenges with a holistic approach that looks deeper into the underlying factors that brought about your condition. While prescription medication options effectively serve to address the short-term concerns many have found it in the long run to be an incomplete remedy.

   Science and technology have advanced to allow physicians to understand health problems at a deeper level rather than temporarily treating the surface symptoms.

   Functional medicine is a rapidly growing approach that utilizes this science and technology.  It is uniquely effective at getting at the root cause of problems and helping restore health where many medicine-based approaches fall short.

   Our office takes the unique approach of determining where the important root cause factors lie.  It is our philosophy that the body can heal itself as long as there is no interference. We agree with Hippocrates who said,

“The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it.”

   If you can recreate a balance in your bodies ‘broken’ physiology and restore normal function again then it is more than reasonable to expect your health to return and need for medication to subside.

   We offer unique approaches for those seeking to maximize their health regardless of their health condition including but not limited to:

Thyroid problems, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, blood sugar problems, chronic pain, anxiety or depression or cardiovascular challenges.

   Our process includes sitting with you and actually listening to your health concerns, worries, ideas and ultimately your health goals. Next, we determine the best course of of action including root cause testing to help determine what is causing your health challenges. After testing we layout a pathway for your success utilizing holistic means including non-invasive customized nutritional means.